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Hey there 👋

We’ve learned a LOT about what startups need to quickly win and successfully onboard customers since launching last year.

We heard from founders & sales leaders: "I don’t want to start from scratch. How are others doing this?"

As someone who has been consistently supported by an incredible community, I’m excited to contribute.

After months of partnering with top revenue leaders from Figma, Productboard, Atrium, and more, we launched our Playbook Gallery on March 2 with the goal of sharing how real teams are building repeatable, buyer-first sales & onboarding processes.

Let’s keep raising the bar for B2B sales & success. Learn more about the playbooks launch, and a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us on this journey (and helped us get to #2 on Product Hunt! 🎉)

- Ross

In this newsletter:

  • Masterclass on building a repeatable, buyer-first onboarding process
  • Sales leaders from Skaled, Stripe & more share their playbooks
  • Podcast Season 2: Seller’s Journey launching soon!

📣 Masterclass: Launch Customers Faster with Onboarding Playbooks

Masterclass: Launch Customers Faster with Onboarding Playbooks

Startups thrive or die because of two things: revenue and customer growth.

Signing new customers is only half the battle. If you don’t get those users to value quickly, you’ll struggle to get them live and retain them – not to mention lose out on expansion opportunities and referrals!

Playbooks are the secret to creating a seamless, repeatable onboarding experience and launching customers faster.

Which is why we’re excited to host a masterclass on Launching Customers Faster with Onboarding Playbooks: Tuesday, March 22 at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific!

We’ll cover:

🙅How to ensure your deals don’t get stuck in signed - but not live

📚How to document & iterate on your repeatable playbook

💡Ideas for driving adoption across your CS team

With top success leaders:

  • Tyler Chapman, Customer Success Lead at TruePlan
  • Brandon Ramsey, Head of Customer Success at OnSiteIQ

🪗 Meet the Accordions!

Accord team photo

The Accord team spent last week in Austin at our company offsite, InAccordance! We worked, played games, did an epic scavenger hunt, and enjoyed hanging out together.

We’re a fully remote company, but there’s no replacement for IRL connections, and getting to know each other in person helps us collaborate better when we’re apart!

If you’re looking for inspo for your own company offsite, check out this post about planning our first InAccordance last summer. 😎

💥 ICYMI: Why Sales Playbooks Are Key to a Winning GTM Strategy

Continuing the playbooks theme… 📚

Last week, we held a masterclass on using sales playbooks to win more deals, faster, with an incredible panel: Jake Dunlap (Skaled Consulting), Pleasant Middelhof (Rollworks), and Matt Yalowitz (Stripe).

They answered questions such as:

  • Why are sales playbooks required to have a winning GTM strategy?
  • How do you document your process when it’s always changing?
  • How do you drive adoption of your playbook and measure its success?

If you missed the masterclass, we have the answers & replay here 👀

🎙 Coming Soon on the Podcast

Exciting news: Season 2 of the From Vendorship to Partnership podcast is launching Wednesday, March 30!!

What’s new? Season 2 is called Seller’s Journey – I’ll talk to top startup sales leaders about their experiences building winning processes, coaching & scaling teams, and successfully partnering with customers.

We have sales leaders from companies like dbt Labs, Zeni, and Clockwise on the roster and are super excited to learn from them. 💥

What’s staying the same? Short (< 20 min) episodes jam-packed with insights & advice from experienced startup leaders!

Know any startup sales leaders we should talk to? Reply to this email & let me know – they might end up on the podcast!

Thanks for reading From Vendorship → Partnership! As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on this newsletter and what you want more of 😄

Ross Rich (CEO and Co-founder)

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