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In this edition: reps are still missing quota, money still spent on training, and overcoming old challenges.
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Happy end of month!

Let's be honest, it’s still pretty rough out there.

I have been thinking a lot about the real reason(s) teams aren’t hitting quota.

ICYMI data from RepVue is showing that 57% of reps didn’t hit quota in Q4.

In speaking with revenue leaders, I've been hearing the exact same issues across the board, which has really boiled down to the fact that sales reps aren't set up for success. They get little / no training, and zero reinforcement on the job.

Think about it, every year hundreds of thousands of dollars go into a new methodology, training, positioning. But it’s completely forgotten by the next quarter, or realistically, week!

Why? We're not enforcing or creating accountability for the 'new way of doing things.’ The result? Your team goes back to the same old ad hoc flows they used last year (unsuccessfully).

On top of that? The most challenging role in revenue (frontline managers of AEs / CSMs) just got harder because they're now responsible for more reps with middle managers being let go as orgs tighten their workforce.

On average, those managers were only spending 9% of their time on coaching. Now what do you think that number is as the volume of direct reports grows?

So what are the best revenue teams doing about this challenge?

They know it's not easy to sell in this climate and they're not blaming their AEs. They're investing in up-leveling & enforcing a higher standard for how their team engages with prospects and customers.

They're creating accountability for their org for not only how they sell, but also how they onboard and expand.

Without execution excellence, you're not closing deals in this market.

In this newsletter:

  • Mega SKO -  The League of Extraordinary Sellers
  • Upcoming Masterclass - Nailing the fundamentals
  • 10/10 GTM Podcast - Latest episode with Jen Allen-Knuth

Mega SKO - The League of Extraordinary Sellers

I have always been incredibly passionate about the Art and Science of deal execution. So it was a no brainer to participate in The Mega SKO to chat about this topic!

This virtual event is a must-attend for revenue leaders looking to transform their sales performance.

During the event I will be chatting with Chris Calkin, VP of Sales at Census, and Justin Bullock, VP Sales at Envoy about the art of deal execution. We will cover strategic approaches, overcoming challenges, and much more!

Mastering the Art of Deal Execution Insights from the Frontlines (1)

Join the event to learn from some the best, experience cutting-edge workshops, and create invaluable connections within the sales community.

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Upcoming Masterclass - Nailing the Fundamentals

There have been a lot of market changes over the past two years. Buying committees are getting bigger, deal cycles are getting longer, and budgets are getting tighter. But there’s always one tool in your sales stack that you can lean on - the fundamentals.

Join us for a masterclass where we go back to basics and cover what your team needs to do to close more deals in a tough environment. We’ll dive into building strong in-person connections, getting exec alignment, and enforcing your GTM standards to ensure execution excellence across all reps and teams.

March MC

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If you can’t make it live, we’ll share the recording.

10/10 GTM Podcast - Latest Episode with Jen Allen-Knuth

Anyone who knows Jen, knows she is one of the best storytellers around.

A few weeks ago I sat down with Jen to discuss all things deal excellence on the 10/10 GTM podcast.

During the conversation she dove into how to position products and problems to close deals, exploring strategies for territory prioritization and identifying problem fits, as well as techniques to guide prospects in rethinking their assumptions.

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This episode is truly a must listen. Check out the full episode on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever you listen!