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Hey there 👋

Brad Rosen (President @ Sales Assembly) dropped a great quote in our masterclass last week:

"It's not about being salesy - it's about establishing a partnership. When you involve CS before closed won, you're showing buyers how we'll make this work together."

Aligning sales & customer success EARLY in any deal (especially enterprise) is key to making it a successful one:

⭐ Meeting high expectations of support for larger customers

🔍 Identifying any implementation risks early

🔮 Helping buyers envision the future state of onboarding/success

Basically, it’s all about helping your customers get to value (what they actually care about) and showing what that will look like.

As Anne Pao said in the session: “No buyer cares about the sale. They care about what happens after the sale.”

I’ll dive into more takeaways from our masterclass on aligning GTM to move up-market below, but would love to hear how your team is thinking about this.

How are you leveraging the power of sales & CS to close bigger deals & build more successful partnerships? Comment here to share your tips!

- Ross

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🤝 Bigger deals, bigger buying teams

In our recent masterclass on increasing deal size, revenue leaders across sales, CS, and RevOps dove into strategies for moving up-market effectively – including multi-threading.

When selling enterprise deals, managing multiple stakeholders across multiple teams is an essential skill. Here are 3 tips for effectively selling enterprise deals by finding the right people.

#1: Focus on your best-fit customers 🧩

When moving up-market, the most successful teams tighten their ICP. The problems you solve need to be bigger, broader, and more important when targeting larger customers – so if you’re trying to sell larger deals, focus on your best-fit buyers where you can truly make an impact and help them achieve their goals.

#2: Map out the organization 🗺️

CFOs & other execs are more important than ever to getting deals done today – sales teams need to build thoughtful strategies about how to reach key decision makers. For enterprise deals, it’s essential to create org charts to map the buying team’s roles and relationships.

Don’t ignore the “connective tissue” teams, like RevOps, IT, or People Ops, which can play a crucial role in implementing solutions and owning the budget.

#3: Find, nurture, and arm your champions 💪

A champion is someone who has "skin in the game – they’re willing to invest time and effort into the sales process,” according to Anne Pao.

Anne recommends searching for champions who understand problems that are important to multiple executives or areas of the business. That way you can align your solution with the company’s broader goals and increase your chances of success.

Next, arm your champions with the tools and info they need to sell your product internally. Build a strong business case WITH your champion and other key stakeholders – aligning on their challenges, goals, how your solution will help, and ROI – that they’re proud to share with execs.

Check out the masterclass recap for more tips on increasing your ACV!

🤩 Inspo: A LinkedIn post we loved this week

This LinkedIn post from Kevin Dorsey the other day about what it’s like to be a buyer today – and the state of B2B sales – reeeaallly resonated.

LinkedIn post from Kevin Dorsey

Kevin goes on to talk about his experience with AEs during this process: one no-showed, some clearly didn’t do their research, several started with a static deck. 😬

Even in today’s market… the bar is low.

Consistently following best practices on every deal – even the little things – WILL make your team stand out.

💙 What’s new in Accord

Accord product updates

Sharing our latest batch of product updates to help you drive consistent deal execution and build stronger customer partnerships!

⭐ Build world-class Summaries – create professional Summaries with refined default fonts, colors, styles, and automatic spacing.

🔗 Understand who took action in your CRM – Salesforce tasks and HubSpot notes are now associated with the individual reps who took the action in Accord.

📚 Help customers find the right resource faster – we streamlined the ability to quickly trim down the resources in your Accords.

💨 Find the right Accords faster – quick navigation now includes status and Point Person so you can easily find the right Accord.

👪 Easily invite multiple customers – simply paste a list of emails to invite multiple customers into your Accord.

Check out the full list of updates here!

Thanks for reading From Vendorship → Partnership 👋

Ross Rich (CEO and Co-founder)

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