not multi-threaded in ‘23? your deal is dead ☠️

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Hey there 👋

I read some very telling sales stats recently 📊

Last year, the number of orgs that adopted a sales methodology doubled (with MEDDPICC being the most popular) – BUT…

Of the companies using MEDDPICC, only 15% of opportunities were fully qualified.

What that tells me: there’s a major disconnect between leadership enforcing a new process & the reps on the ground actually using it.

Maybe the reps are resistant to change… or they simply don’t understand the benefits. Either way, consistent deal execution needs to be driven from the top down to be successful.

When MEDDPICC is fully utilized, win rates increase by 311% 🤯

Businesses leave a LOT of money on the table when reps don’t follow a consistent, repeatable methodology on every single opp.

Have you been part of implementing a new sales process? Was it successful? Would love to hear your experience - feel free to hit reply :)

(Thanks to this B2B sales benchmark report by Pavilion & Ebsta for the stats… more at the end of this newsletter!)

- Ross

In this newsletter:

  • Tips for driving 100% adoption of your sales methodology
  • Upcoming events for sales & GTM leadership
  • Big jump in # of buying committee members (& what to do about it)

🙅 Don’t half-ass your sales methodology implementation

Masterclass on Maximizing AE Efficiency

If you’re going to dedicate the time, effort, and $$$ it takes to implement a sales methodology…


So many businesses drop $100k+ on training – only for the methodology to be barely half-adopted. Don’t be surprised when you’re not seeing the benefits of a new process if only a few of your reps are actually following it, or you’re only using pieces of it.

Pleasant Middelhof, Manager of New Business Sales at Rollworks, shared these three tips for teams thinking about adopting a new process:

1. If you want to drive a new process/methodology, do it because it’s right for your team – not because it’s the hot new thing.

2. Don’t make your reps feel like you’re just pushing something new on them for no reason. Clearly communicate the “why” and how they & the whole team will benefit.

3. Don’t half ass it! Drive full adoption to see full results. 💯

Check out our masterclass on maximizing AE efficiency for more tips on successfully driving changes and up-leveling deal execution on your team.

🎉 Upcoming Events for Sales Teams & GTM Leadership

Highlighting a few great sales and leadership events on the March calendar (you may or may not see me on a couple 😉):

🚨 How Top Sales Reps Drive Urgency in Q1

Wishful thinking won’t help you hit your quota. Learn tactics for getting your stuck deals unstuck, finding quick wins, and starting Q2 strong.

📼 Live Discovery Tape Teardown

A great discovery session can drive a deal forward. A not-so-great one can sink it. Learn how to do more of the first type.

🗺️ Leading Through Change: The Principles of Effective Change Management

If you’re a sales or CS leader, chances are you’ve had to implement changes across your team. I’ll dive into frameworks for rolling out a new change successfully and overcoming challenges.

These should be super tactical for you and your team – hope to see you there!

🧵 If you don’t multi-thread, your deal is dead

Take a guess: how much did the size of the average buying committee increase in 2022?

If you guessed +25%, you’re right. 👏

No surprise there to anyone in sales last year. Tighter budgets + fewer resources = more people involved in the decision and purchasing process.

And since this is only continuing for most companies in 2023, sellers who don’t adapt can’t win.

What this means for sales teams:

💥 You need to multi-thread EARLY and OFTEN. Don’t be afraid to get to the C-suite if your initial contacts are preventing a more strategic discussion.

💥 Get creative with your executive touchpoints to build relationships with leadership stakeholders.

💥 Speak your buyer’s language! And this doesn’t just mean your main champion. Every buying committee member has different priorities – identify what they are, and speak to them.

Basically – if you don’t multi-thread, your deal is dead. 💀

Thanks for reading From Vendorship → Partnership 👋

Feedback? Questions? Just hit reply :)

Ross Rich (CEO and Co-founder)

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