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Hey there 👋

We’re quickly approaching the last month of Q1 (where does the time go?!)

It’s a busy time for everyone, and Accord is no different. We have some super exciting news to share soon (don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know 😉) but in the meantime, I wanted to share a bunch of resources that I hope will help you close out the quarter strong!

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- Ross

In this newsletter:

  • Masterclass with revenue leaders from Figma, Metadata & Scratchpad
  • Advice & lessons from interviewing 12 B2B startup founders
  • Must-read books for improving sales & growing your business

📣 Masterclass with Figma, Metadata & Scratchpad Revenue Leaders

Pavilion Masterclass: How Today’s Revenue Leaders Win - Balancing Sales, Marketing, CS & Product

The lines between sales, marketing, CS, & product are more blurred than ever. Sales leaders today are challenged not only with hitting big revenue goals, but also managing a top-tier team that can collaborate cross functionally.

It’s a lot for anyone to handle – which is why I wanted to invite you to a free masterclass we’re hosting with Pavilion on Tuesday: How Revenue Leaders Win Today! 🏆

We’ll talk to veteran revenue leaders from Figma, Metadata & Scratchpad with unique perspectives on sales, marketing, CS & product. They’ll answer burning questions like:

⚖️ How do I balance our sales-assisted process with PLG?

🌟 How do I hire & retain top sales talent in this competitive market?

❓ How do I effectively structure my team to hit our revenue goals?

Save your seat!

(PS – if you can’t make it at that time, sign up anyway and I’ll share a recording & recap after!)

🎙️ On the Podcast

In Season One: Founder’s Journey, I talked to 12 incredible B2B startup founders about their experiences: the highs and lows of launching a company, finding product-market fit, signing their first customers, and building their teams.

Founders at Sendoso, Atrium, ZenHub, Balance, and more shared honest, valuable, real startup & sales insights. I’m so grateful to all of the guests for getting real!

Accord co-founder & CPO (and my brother!) Ryan interviewed me on the podcast about my key takeaways from the season. Check out the episode and get a roundup of lessons from each of the founders we talked to!

📚 What We're Reading

A while back, we started a Notion page for our team to recommend sales, startup, and other must-read books. Here are a few from the Accordions’ list!

The Transparency Sale: What would happen if salespeople told the whole, unvarnished truth? This book dives into how unexpected honesty and understanding the buying brain can transform your results.

From Impossible to Inevitable: Doubling the size of your business, tripling it, even growing ten times larger isn’t about magic, privileges, luck, or working harder. This book provides a template that the world’s fastest growing companies follow to achieve and sustain this growth.

Building a StoryBrand: In this book, Donald Miller teaches marketers & business owners to use the seven universal elements of powerful stories to cut through the noise and dramatically improve how they connect with customers.

What books are on your must-read list? Hit reply & we might share in a future newsletter! 📖

⛰ How Assemble Elevates the Onboarding Process

Quote from Enrique Esclusa, co-founder of Assemble

Assemble is a compensation management platform enabling companies to make more strategic, fair & equitable compensation decisions. It solves an important problem, but implementing Assemble takes multiple weeks, steps, and stakeholders.

Co-founder Enrique Esclusa needed a better way to manage onboarding and build strong long-term partnerships with new customers. He started using Accord, which made the implementation process:

💨 Seamless – all progress, steps, and resources are tracked in one place

🔁 Repeatable – scale, coach, and work faster with a defined process

💯 Professional – upgrade customer experience with a structured, collaborative space

Read more about how Assemble elevated their onboarding process!

Thanks for reading From Vendorship → Partnership! Is there anything you want to see more or less of in the future? Hit reply and let me know 😄

Ross Rich (CEO and Co-founder)

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