the most under-utilized play in B2B sales 🤔

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Hey there 👋

One of the *most* cliché saying in B2B sales (but a truism?)

"Sales is both an art AND a science.”

They’re really two sides of the same coin, and why I personally continue to fall in love with all things revenue-related.

Lots of people still think sales is about smooth talking and steak dinners (just ask my friends & family 😬).  

Yes, being charismatic, a strong communicator, and caring deeply about customers helps – but without a structured path to drive down, you're not going anywhere fast… especially up-market!

When it comes to modern sales + CS though?  

Nothing rivals having a consistent, winning process on every deal.

That’s where the art of the deal meets the science.

This repeatable execution is what’s setting apart the winners from the losers when it comes to hitting ARR targets.

We dug into this during a masterclass w/ revenue leaders at Challenger, Lavender and BioRender today (recap here ICYMI).  

Great takeaways on how to successfully roll out methodologies & process across sales teams.

With our masterclasses growing in demand (500+ sales leaders registered!) I’m curious… what should we cover next?

What revenue execution topics are top of mind?

Hit reply to let me know! Your ideas will be covered in our next session. 🫡

- Ross

In this newsletter:

  • Templates + resources to up-level your sales team
  • What we’re reading: guide for CEOs & tech leaders
  • The most under-utilized play in B2B sales

🧰 Template toolbox for your B2B sales & success teams

We’ve been building out our collection of templates and resources to help your GTM teams drive repeatable deal execution.

You can grab each of the templates (plus recent masterclasses & videos from leaders from 30MPC, Challenger & more) below 👇

👥 Stakeholder mapping template – to help your team identify key stakeholders and what they care about, so you can tailor your outreach and improve multi-threading.

📊 Business case template – to stand out on your deals with a 10/10 business case, including key priorities & tactics, exec alignment, quantified ROI, and more.

🗺️ Mutual action plan template – to drive accountability & urgency by aligning with your buyers on next steps throughout the entire customer journey.

Any other resources that would be helpful for your team? Let us know! :)

📚 What we’re reading

This recommendation comes from our very own Daryl Mason:

📖 The Great CEO Within by Matt Mochary, Alex MacCaw, and Misha Talavera.

Recommended book:

From Daryl: “This is a 'guide' that will only take you a day to read, but one you will find yourself constantly coming back to again & again & again to re-learn, digest, and go deeper on the theories + tactics! After Trillion Dollar Coach, this is my new favorite business book!”

It’s not just for CEOs. Anyone in a leadership position (or aspiring to be in one) will find the tactics in this guide valuable.

Do you have a must-read sales / revenue / business book or resource to share? Feel free to reply – we’re always looking for new recommendations!

💡 Quick tip: The most under-utilized play in B2B sales

Exec alignment is still the #1 most under-utilized play in B2B sales. 🚫🙅🏼‍♀️

Want to show your prospect they matter?

Stand out on a competitive pitch?

Get to a clear yes / no?

De-risk deals?

Put your leadership team to work and get them in front of customers!

It’ll be the highlight of their week – AND the best way as an AE or sales leader to show them your deal execution skills and why you stand out from the rest.

Thanks for reading From Vendorship → Partnership 👋

Ross Rich (CEO and Co-founder)

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