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It’s been an action-packed month at Accord… from the highly anticipated CFO Stakeholder Masterclass, launch of 10/10 GTM - The Podcast for Revenue Leaders, and a few new Accordions joining the crew!

But before getting into all that, I was getting introspective over the US Thanksgiving break, and how incredibly grateful that I have had the opportunity to build Accord with my co-founders Ryan and Wayne. With any startup (or business venture) the highs are high and the lows are low, but I could not be happier, or more grateful, for this team.  

Now onto the fun stuff! Our first CFO Stakeholder Masterclass. If you missed it and Finance is key to your deals, I’d recommend checking out the recording. Melissa (Vena), Joe (Sprout Social), and Praveer (Figma) shared invaluable insights for revenue leaders on how to engage finance leaders, when to bring them in, and what they want to see.

During the session, we asked the audience how often finance was showing up in their deals, and if they were confident that they knew what finance needs to make a decision - the results truly surprised me:

86% of respondents are not confident that they know what finance needs to make a decision… so we decided to kick off our next Masterclass getting into the tactics on how to create solid business cases with compelling ROI for financial stakeholders. More on that next week!

- Ross

In this newsletter:

  • 10/10 GTM Podcast launch and latest episodes
  • Accord Product Updates
  • (re)Introducing the Resource Library, our Content Management System

10/10 GTM's Latest Episodes

Super excited about the launch of 10/10 GTM - The Podcast for Revenue Leaders.

For context, over the last two years I have had the pleasure of interviewing amazing sales leaders and founders across companies like Stripe, Salesforce, Datadog, Galley, Qualtrics, Docebo, Sendoso, and Productboard.  

During this time It became abundantly clear that the best revenue leaders know that 9/10 isn't good enough…During this new season of the podcast (10/10 GTM) I dive into how B2B's most successful revenue leaders win.

From legendary revenue leaders such as 5x CRO John McMahon to execs from 6Sense, Chili Piper, and Hubspot. This is a season not to be missed as these killer revenue leaders share their best tips on driving consistent sales execution, leading to predictable forecasts (and deeper sleep).

Check out our latest episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you consume your podcast!

  • Episode 1 - Tactical Tips for Leadership, Strategy, and Sales Execution with Sam Taylor, CRO @ Endgame
  • Episode 2 - Sales Best Practices with John McMahon, Author of The Qualified Sales Leader
  • Episode 3 - How to Run 10/10 Revenue Teams with Maura Brady, Head of Verticals @ 6Sense
  • Episode 4 - Building the Revenue Operations Function at Hubspot with Alison Elworthy, EVP of Revenue Operations @ HubSpot

Accord Product Updates

We continue to take feedback from our customers and prospects on what they need to ensure 10/10 execution on every deal. Here are the top 6 new features in Accord:

  1. Content Mentions - Want to ensure the right content is within rep and customer workflows? You can now mention resources in all sub-tasks in Accord.
  2. Accord List Views - Looking for a specific view in Accord? You can now customize your sorted column in Accords list views.
  3. Modification Alerts - Accord now warns you before you modify any step in Playbooks or Accords related to the Milestone step.
  4. Distinguishing internal and external stages - Want ultimate clarity on what is shared with your buyer? Internal stages are now more clear in the Next Steps tab so you can ensure all stages meant for your internal team stay internal.
  5. Decimals - We get it, it's important to forecast every last penny, that is why decimal values are now supported in SFDC & Hubspot CRM slideouts in Accord.
  6. Comments in Presentation Mode - Presentation mode can set you apart when you’re presenting your executive summary, next steps, or stakeholder maps on a deal. Now, you can add comments in presentation mode.

Want to learn more about these product updates? Respond to this email, or request a product demo here.

(re)Introducing the Resource Library

Over the past few months conversations have picked up around content. More specifically, about the right content at the right time. Plus layering on a more nuanced understanding of the impact (not just overall views, but who viewed it, at what stage of the process, and the outcome)?

What we’ve noticed in these conversations is that not all revenue teams are equipped with the right content to engage and convert buyers. Or they do not have the data available to understand what content is resonating with their audience, at each stage of the sales process.  

This is why we created the Resource Library. With Accord’s Content Management System you can:

  • Layer resources into logical steps of the sales process
  • Curate a single source of truth for all of your sales resources
  • Measure the ROI of your content with full analytics that allow you to understand which content is the most effective - and attribute wins to specific resources
  • Ensure your content is always up to date by pushing the freshest content out automatically, which means no more out of date security docs or pricing pages - you’re in full control.  

The best part? It’s all in Accord, and you never have to wonder which stakeholder viewed (or didn’t view) your integration or legal requirements again.