winners act like winners… before they’re winning

In this edition: takeaways from the Back to Basics masterclass and our top rated assets for deal execution
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If there’s one thing that’s been true throughout my journey building Accord, it's my obsession for all things leadership, sales, and business books.

I love reading them, recommending them, and always a win when I’m reco’d one that ends up being a 10/10….

“Winners act like winners before they’re winners…

The CULTURE precedes positive results.

It doesn’t get tacked on as an afterthought on your way to the victory stand.

Champions behave like champions before they’re champions; they have a winning standard of performance before their winners.”

- Bill Walsh

I'm honestly not a big football guy, but damn did 'The Score Takes Care of Itself' give me goosebumps -  thanks for the reco Kyle Norton!

Incredible parallels to building a high-performance team... sharing 3 things that stuck with me from the read:

1. Organizational Excellence

This all ties back to creating a culture of excellence. For Bill and the 49ers this went beyond those on the field (the players and coaches), standards were set for the entire org. Revenue is a team sport and creating a culture of excellence ensures everyone is living the standards of performance you expect.

2. Executing with Precision

aka Attention to detail

The emphasis of mastering the fundamentals (really breaking it down to planning, prep, and execution). If you don't have the basics down and share exactly what great looks like to your team, you don't have a foundation of success.

3. Adaptability

Staying ahead of the curve by moving faster. In this market, you need to be innovative, nimble, and constantly experimenting.

Your pace of *learning* defines your level of success in a volatile environment.  

Headed to NY and CHI next week and ready to crack my next read. What books should I add to my list for the flight?

Takeaways from the Back to Basics Masterclass with Matt Green, Meg Peterson, and Matt DeLauro

In our latest masterclass, we dove into mastering fundamental sales skills to close more deals.

Revenue leaders from Sales Assembly, Rev and SEON, shared what sales teams need to do to close more deals in today’s challenging environment. They cover:

  • Core sales skills
  • Building a culture of excellence
  • Frequently overlooked sales skills

Had an awesome time jamming on these topics with Matt Green, Meg Peterson, and Matt DeLauro.

Watch the full masterclass and get their advice below!


10/10 GTM Podcast - Latest Episodes with Cale Tully and Dan Dal Degan  

Over the past few weeks I have sat down with 6 top revenue leaders to get their tips on operationalizing deal excellence.

Just when I think we had our “best episode yet” they keep getting better.

Our latest episodes are with Cale Tully, VP Enterprise & Mid-Market Sales at Sprout Social, and Dan Dal Degan, Co-founder of Talas.

Episode 22 - Deal Motivation, Momentum & Risk with Cale Tully, VP Enterprise & Mid-Market Sales, at Sprout Social

In this episode, Cale and I discussed his three tips for operationalizing deal excellence. Cale’s tips covered understanding the three 'whys' behind your prospect’s motivations, maintaining deal momentum through frequent communication, and calibrating deal risk to ensure success.

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Episode 23 - From Ideal Customer to Sales Success with Dan Dal Degan, Co-founder of Talas

In this episode, Dan and I discussed the critical factors for closing more deals, emphasizing the importance of establishing your ideal customer profile (ICP), conducting monthly seller training sessions, and hosting weekly reviews of inspirational sales stories.

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Our Top Rated Assets for Execution Excellence  

After chatting with 100s of revenue leaders, we developed many resources to help drive execution excellence. These resources are not new, they are tried and true and we continue to see the revenue community consistently leveraging them.  

Mutual action plan templatepartner with your buyers on next steps and drive accountability & urgency in your deals.

Stakeholder mapping template map key stakeholders at customer accounts & understand their unique priorities to get buy-in.

Account planning guideoutline essential info for key accounts (stakeholders, goals, blockers, etc) to tailor your approach.

What resources would you like to see next? We are cooking up a few new ones.