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Hey there 👋

Before I dive into the heart of this week’s edition (including a highly requested sales methodology masterclass, advice for sellers from our CRO, and more) – sharing a quick ask!

We’re hiring across our Sales, CS, and Marketing teams in Toronto and on the lookout for:

  • Commercially-focused CSMs
  • MM and Ent AEs
  • Onboarding Specialist
  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • Demand Gen Leader
  • Content Specialist

Resourcefulness, a passion for your craft, teamwork, and results are a few of the things I personally care most about when bringing founding members onto the team.

Would appreciate any recs! Hit ‘Reply’ if you know anyone who might be a good fit! 🙏🏼

- Ross

In this newsletter:

  • Sales methodology masterclass (ft. BioRender, Lavender, & CEO of Challenger)
  • Hard-earned lessons & advice for sellers in just one minute
  • What’s new in Accord (Salesforce/HubSpot integration updates & more!)

📈 Masterclass: Why revenue leaders are doubling down on sales methodologies

Masterclass: Why Revenue Leaders are Doubling Down on Sales Methodologies

What’s separating the winners from the losers when it comes to hitting targets in ‘23?

Getting back to basics. Rigorous deal execution & inspection. 💯

Veteran revenue leaders are investing in MEDDPICC, Challenger, and other proven sales methodologies… because nothing rivals a consistent winning framework on every opportunity.

But too often, adoption is low and the investment goes to waste.

Don’t let that be your team. Join us for our next masterclass to hear how the best sellers & leaders successfully adopt methodologies to predictably win in competitive markets.

You’ll learn:

✅ Why leaders are investing in sales methodologies (despite tighter budgets)

✅ How to leverage proven frameworks to drive sales productivity

✅ What elite deal strategy looks like in 2023

Featuring an all-star lineup of revenue experts: Andee Harris (CEO at Challenger), Jeff Roy (Head of Sales at BioRender), and Jen Allen-Knuth, Community Growth at Lavender. 🙌

300+ sales & revenue leaders got value from our last session. Register here to join us live or get the recording!

⏱️ 1 minute of sales wisdom from a CRO

Daryl Mason on Walnut's Sales MiNUT video

Accord CRO Daryl Mason joined Walnut’s “Sales MiNUT” series to share his sales wisdom, advice, and lessons learned – in just one minute.

Sneak peek:

Q: What’s the best piece of sales coaching you’ve ever received?

A: "The hard way IS the easy way. For example, selling to power is hard and can be scary for a junior rep. But it's so much easier if you learn to do it early in your career, and will result in getting much bigger deals faster." 💯

Check out the full video here!

💙 What’s new in Accord

Sharing our latest batch of product updates to help you drive consistent deal execution and build stronger customer partnerships!

🧵 Multithreading and Stakeholder Mapping Directly in Accord

Add roles to any customer to help understand who is involved in your partnership, where they fit in the organziation, and how to tailor communication.

🔍 Focus on What's Next

Quickly hide completed Stages and Steps to keep your customers focused on the next step.

🔁 Repeatable Internal Execution

Add Internal only sections to your Summary to drive your team's repeatable process.

🔗 Salesforce and HubSpot Integration Improvements

Even more rules and event based triggers to automatically create Accords from Opportunities and Deals.

🏎️ Faster Load Times

We've greatly decreased our app load time in our forever quest for speed! Get to your Accord's faster now with our latest updates.

And more! Check out this blog for more details and the full list of updates.

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Thanks for reading From Vendorship → Partnership 👋

Ross Rich (CEO and Co-founder)

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