Build Winning Executive Summaries with Accord's Upgraded Summary Page

Introducing Accord’s New Summary ✨

An executive summary is one of the most important resources to share during the sales process – helping sellers align with buyers on their challenges and goals, how their solution will help, quantified ROI, and any other information you've discussed that will keep both parties moving in the same direction. A strong summary also makes it much easier for your champion to sell internally and loop executive stakeholders into the process.

That's why we're thrilled to launch Accord’s new Summary page, focused on making it easier to build & share winning business cases with executives – and drive consistent execution across your sales team.

Revenue leaders & customers have shared how impactful building a strong executive summary in partnership with champions & execs is in today’s market… so we’ve taken their feedback and re-prioritized the Summary as the homepage in Accord!

The new Summary features distinct section types to help reinforce your sales methodology with a repeatable playbook for your reps. It’s also much more customizable with a fully white-labeled banner to differentiate yourself during the sales & onboarding process.

These changes will help you and your team achieve more in less time and build deeper connections with your customers.

New Feature Highlights

Intro - Each Summary includes an Introduction section that is personalized from the Point Person to your customers.

Picklists - You can predefine a list of text for your team. For example, a predefined set of Pain Points or Challenges to identify for every opportunity.

Banner - You can personalize the summary by adding a custom banner that will appear at the top.

Embeds - Integrations that allow you to embed rich media from Google Doc, Sheets, Slides, YouTube, Loom, CloudApp, Typeform, and VouchFor. You'll be able to build beautiful, engaging summaries in half the time.

Ready to start creating winning executive summaries?

If you already have an Accord workspace, you will be prompted to upgrade the Summary to this new experience for every Playbook and Accord. While the upgrade is seamless, you will also be able to remain on the old Summary experience.

Don't have a workspace yet? Book time here to explore and get set up – it only takes a few minutes!