Driving Execution Excellence with Auto Accord Creation

Learn how Accord automatically creates your tailored playbook when an opportunity enters the Evaluation stage and reaches a custom value you have set.

Execution excellence isn't optional, it's a requirement. The market today is volatile and overly saturated with countless competitors vying for the same customers. Success hinges on your organization’s ability to deliver exceptional prospect and customer experiences every step of the way. 

This is where Accord comes in. At Accord, we understand the pressure your organization faces to deliver results, lead your teams with clarity, and uphold the highest standards across your sales process. That's why we've built a deal execution platform with a singular focus: to help your revenue team achieve execution excellence by enforcing your standards for selling, onboarding, and expanding with customers.

The Accord Difference

Wouldn’t it be great if every rep in your organization adhered to enterprise-level standards without exception? With Accord, this isn’t just a pipedream; enforcing standards is easy.

Our deal execution platform enables reps to adopt your sales processes and methodology with ease, via mapped deal criteria, standardized playbooks, and clear guidelines for every stage of the sales cycle. 

This results in higher win rates, improved productivity, and more consistent performance across revenue teams. 

Automated Updates with Salesforce and HubSpot Workflows

We know that automation is key to achieving execution excellence at scale. That's why we created Auto Accord Creation. When an opportunity enters the Evaluation stage and reaches a custom value you have set, Accord automatically initiates your tailored playbook, setting the stage for rigor and precision in deal execution.

To provide even more sophisticated control, we've extended our automation to work seamlessly with Salesforce Flow and HubSpot Workflows. This allows revenue orgs to:

  • Trigger Accord creation directly from Salesforce and HubSpot actions
  • Leverage custom fields and rules for more granular decision-making
  • Control exactly which playbooks are applied to specific segments and opportunity stages

With these capabilities, you can fully customize your sales process automation and ensure that every opportunity receives the perfect playbook for its segment and value. The result?  Streamlined execution that adheres to your standards and improves win rates.


Accord helps revenue teams drive execution excellence. Our platform ensures that your revenue team enforces the standards you've set for selling, onboarding, and expansion, creating the consistency, predictability, and repeatability you need to lead with confidence. 

Learn more about how to elevate your team's performance and see the power of rigorous, enterprise-level execution in every deal with Accord.