How Assemble Elevates the Onboarding Process with Accord

The Company

Managing compensation is challenging for most companies. But the cost of using a broken system to make compensation decisions is high for both the company and employees. Under the old ways, companies struggle to make effective decisions, build trust with employees, and stand out in a competitive market. This leads to bad outcomes for companies and employees alike, particularly women and minorities.

Enrique Esclusa and Lisa Wallace are passionate about this problem, both as operators and as minorities in the workplace. So they co-founded Assemble, a compensation management platform. Assemble empowers companies to make better compensation decisions through five pillars:

  1. Fair across positions & locations
  2. Equitable regardless of demographic
  3. Consistent with the organization’s beliefs & policies
  4. Competitive with the market
  5. Explainable to the people in your company

The Problem

Getting started with Assemble isn’t as simple as clicking a button. Onboarding typically takes several weeks, steps, and stakeholders. Early on, Assemble initially used spreadsheets to manage the onboarding process and collaborate with new customers, which wasn’t ideal.

Multi-step onboarding 🧩 

  • Bring all customer compensation info into the Assemble platform
  • Set up the platform to fit each customer’s unique needs
  • Invite & train other stakeholders who need access

Time-consuming process ⏰ 

  • Linked documents and tagged owners in the spreadsheet
  • Had to update status of each step line by line
  • Most customers didn’t look at the sheet, so communication was repeated via email

Not scalable 📉 

  • Unable to duplicate spreadsheet for future customers – started from scratch each time
  • Difficult to get new stakeholders up to speed with scattered info
  • Internal Assemble team members couldn’t easily get context

“It was a very scrappy experience,” Enrique says. “I realized this wasn’t going to scale.”

In short, spreadsheets aren’t built for collaboration – Assemble knows this well!

The Solution

Assemble needed a way to make the activation period more seamless, repeatable, and professional. When Enrique heard about Accord, he knew it was the tool they were looking for: a collaborative workspace for their partnerships.

Seamless 💨

  • All onboarding steps, resources, & communication live in one place
  • Teams receive automatic reminders about due dates
  • Able to check onboarding status at a glance
  • Fewer calls needed to catch up & check in on progress

Repeatable 🔄

  • Create a shared Accord workspace from an approved template in one click
  • Standard resources for each onboarding, instead of starting from scratch
  • Able to coach & scale team faster with defined processes
  • Track changes & improvements over time by documenting process

Professional 💯

  • Collaborated on important data in a dedicated platform
  • Intuitive, transparent, & accessible = upgraded customer experience
  • Higher confidence in a structured, collaborative space
  • Moved from scrappy → professional onboarding process

“Compared to how I was running onboardings before Accord, it’s night and day,” says Enrique.

By using Accord, the Assemble team saves time, improves transparency, and provides an elevated experience that sets their partnerships up for long-term success.