How Josh at Funnel Leasing Closes Bigger Enterprise Deals with Accord

“Accord helps me keep my enterprise deals on track through the entire partnership. I want this to be the standard for all our priority deals.” - Josh Patiño 

The Company

Funnel Leasing helps property management companies operate more efficiently with renter management software, such as a CRM, virtual leasing agent, and more solutions.

Josh Patiño, Regional VP of Sales, has been with Funnel Leasing for about 18 months, typically closing deals in the $200-400k range. He uses Accord to manage high-priority deals and align with buyers during the sales process, which helped him close his biggest deal to date at Funnel Leasing — double their usual deal size!

The Problem

As a salesperson, Josh is always looking for ways to improve alignment with his buyers and make sure his deals aren’t a one-way street.

The Funnel Leasing team needed a way to:

🛤 Ensure alignment with buyers’ expectations, timelines, and feedback

🏃 Keep deals moving forward with a clear purpose and next steps

🤝 Form a partnership with buyers earlier in the sales process

Josh knew that mutual action plans (MAPs) were the key to keeping enterprise deals on track and building stronger partnerships with buyers. He started getting recommendations from other sales leaders about what tools they were using for MAPs, which led him to try Accord.

“Accord really helped us think about and define the steps in our sales process,” Josh said. “We could identify which steps were our responsibility and which were the buyer’s, and how to bring the partnership in alignment.”

The Solution

With Accord, Josh delivers a more professional, organized buying experience when working with enterprise clients.

Here’s how Accord helps Josh close $600k+ deals:

📆 Keep deals on track with a workback plan

If you don’t use a mutual action plan for your deals, it’s easy for close dates to slide: either because there’s no defined deadlines and urgency in the deal, or because you’re not aligned on your buyers’ goals and timeline.

By using MAPs in Accord, Josh keeps deals moving in the right direction. He aligns with his buyers on their ideal go-live date, then works backwards through the buying process to set clear deadlines for every step.

Now, Josh can ensure he’s always aligned with his buyers on their timeline and goals. Every task or meeting has a defined purpose, and both sides can see what they need to accomplish in order to close the deal and launch successfully.

🔔 Follow up when you’re top of mind

Following up with buyers about your deal’s progress while being sensitive about their time is often a tricky balance for salespeople.

Accord’s buyer engagement notifications let Josh see when his buyers are interacting with the mutual action plan, so he can send perfectly timed follow-ups that add value to the partnership.

One time, Josh needed to check in with his champion on the West Coast, but didn’t want to pester her at a bad time.

“Then I got a notification that she was in Accord checking off steps, so I was able to follow up when I knew we were top-of-mind,” Josh said.

🙌 Engage buyers with a clear path from A to Z

Buying enterprise software solutions isn’t easy. The bigger the deal, usually the more steps and stakeholders are involved.

Josh helps lighten the workload for his buyers by mapping out the entire buying process with clear steps, owners, and deadlines. Since everything is in Accord’s dedicated, easy-to-use platform, everyone is working from the same source of truth. 

Enterprise clients appreciate the organization and clarity Accord brings to the buying process. When Josh sees his buyers interacting with the mutual action plan, checking off their steps, sharing feedback, and approving deliverables, he knows they’re invested in the deal.

“When you’re working a lot of deals, it’s important to not let things slide and to have a clear plan,” Josh said. “It feels like Accord is too valuable not to have.”

👉 Accord can help your team reliably hit revenue targets with a more efficient, effective sales process. Get a free workspace today!