How to implement MEDDIC with Accord’s Deal Criteria

Text Deal Criteria ties directly help revenue organization replicate their chosen methodology, such as MEDDIC, across their organization.

Implement MEDDIC with Accord’s Deal Criteria

Achieving consistent execution excellence is key to driving predictable revenue. But this is often easier said than done. It takes strategic planning, clear processes, and team-wide discipline to ensure every deal is executed according to your organization’s standards. This is where Accord comes in; our deal execution platform is built to empower CROs and VPs of Sales to create a culture where revenue teams deliver consistent performance and accountability. 

We make this possible by helping you set and enforce standards, drive disciplined adoption, improve visibility and forecasting, streamline customer success, and maintain accountability throughout the sales process. 

Setting the Standard for Execution Excellence

If enforcing standards across your revenue teams feels like an uphill battle, particularly as you scale, you’re not alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this challenge on your own. When you partner with us, we help you define and enforce your standards with our deal execution platform. Accord allows you to  seamlessly integrate deal criteria, standardized business cases, account plans, multi-threading, and mutual action plans. By setting  clear criteria for deal execution, you create the consistency, predictability, and repeatability, mirroring the success of your top reps and leaders.

Driving Disciplined Adoption

Accord is designed for rigorous, enterprise-level execution. It enables your revenue teams to maintain disciplined adoption of your sales processes and methodology. As a result, you can expect to see an increase in win rates and consistent performance because you’ll be able to  ensure that all deals follow your structured standards. Our Text Deal Criteria feature ties directly into this principle by helping you replicate your chosen methodology, such as MEDDIC, across the organization.

For example, with the Summary function, you can mark certain text sections as Deal Criteria. This ensures that important information like customer decision criteria is documented, tracked, and seamlessly synced to your CRM. This keeps your team aligned with your chosen approach, leading to better execution, higher win rates, and increased deal velocity.

Improving Visibility and Forecast Quality

Execution excellence starts with insight into your team’s pipeline. Without knowing what bottlenecks may arise or which opportunities to focus on, it’s challenging to manage your team and resources effectively. Accord enhances your visibility by defining deal criteria that automatically syncs with your CRM opportunity stages. As a result, you can easily track progress, identify potential issues early on, and say goodbye to slipped deals and subjective information from reps. Our platform provides you with  clear, data-driven insights that help you forecast with greater accuracy and confidence.

Streamlining Customer Success

Are your customers having the handoff experience they deserve? All too often revenue organizations drop the ball when transitioning customers from sales to customer success. This oversight leads to confusion, frustration, delays in support, and ultimately higher churn rates. 

With Accord, you can drive greater efficiency and better communication between sales and CS. This accelerates time-to-live, increases NRR and activation rates, and leads to happier customers. Our single source of truth aligns your teams and ensures your GTM strategy is executed consistently across every touchpoint.

Excellence Through Accountability

Execution excellence hinges on setting clear standards and creating accountability. With Accord’s expertise in building proven playbooks, customized deal criteria, and comprehensive training and support, we guarantee adoption of your methodology. Your team will be empowered to enforce best practices and execute with precision.


With the right tools and support, execution excellence is achievable. At Accord, we’re dedicated to supporting you by providing everything you need to enforce your GTM standards, ensure disciplined adoption, and empower your revenue teams to deliver consistent results. Discover how our deal execution platform can help you drive execution excellence today!