Introducing Accord’s New & Improved Salesforce Integration

Want to improve your Salesforce data’s accuracy while saving your sellers time?

Use Accord’s new and improved Salesforce integration to sync data, improve deal visibility, and manage your opportunities more effectively!

What can I do with the integration?

🔁 Ensure accurate, updated data in Salesforce and Accord with bi-directional sync

Reps never have to update two different systems, so they can spend more time selling.

  • Sync data between Accord and Salesforce in real time, including Next Steps, Amount, Close Date, and your custom fields
  • Sync contacts from Salesforce to Accord
  • Create Accords in 1 click from Salesforce

✍ Build automations & get visibility into deals with Accord data in Salesforce

Leaders can get a single view of everything happening in their deals without referencing multiple systems.

  • Write customer and seller engagement activity in Accord directly to your Salesforce opportunities – comments, steps completed, new resources added, new members invited to Accord, etc.
  • Use engagement activity to kick off automations in the Salesforce Flow Builder
  • View customer engagement and see progress of your Accord mutual action plans in Salesforce with the Salesforce Lightning component

⚡ Supercharge forecasting with an Accord Engagement Score (in Beta) 

  • Forecast more confidently with the Accord Engagement Score, which calculates buyer activity to score the likelihood to close for every deal

Give the Salesforce integration a try in your workspace today, or get a free workspace!