Introducing an Easier Way to Share Your Accords

The secret to sales (and the core of Accord) is collaborating with your buyers and customers. To make this collaboration easier than ever, we’ve added a group of new features for faster, secure sharing.

Approved domains

Add a domain to your approved domains list to allow anyone with that domain in their email to access your shared Accord workspace. 

Example: add to the approved domains field, and anyone with an email of can now access that Accord.

This allows your team to invite new users to Accord with a single link, and customers to more easily access resources & next steps in your shared workspace.

Share from anywhere

The “Share” dialog makes it easier than ever for you and your customers to invite new collaborators into your shared workspace. 

At the top right corner of your Accord, you’ll see the brand new “Share” button. Click this button to invite new members to your Accords from any page in your workspace. 

As always, sales and success are about relationships. By collaborating with your buyers in Accord, you’ll increase win rates, get customers to value faster, and build strong, lasting partnerships. 🤝

Give approved domains a try in your workspace today, or get a free workspace!