Maximizing Content Impact with Resource Click Tracking

Resource Click Tracking ensures every piece of collateral shared through Accord drives impact by automatically appending UTM's to all resources.

Maximizing Impact with Resource Click Tracking 

Modern revenue teams require disciplined adoption of proven processes and methodologies in order to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive market. At Accord, our Deal Execution Platform helps you enforce your go-to-market standards across sales, onboarding, and customer success. The Sales Content Management product ensures the right content is available at the right time, which enhances communication and drives better results. 

Set a New Standard for Your Revenue Team

If you’re looking for a solution to ensure your reps follow consistent, reliable strategies to drive deals forward, your search ends here. Accord  was designed to enforce rigorous, enterprise-level execution across every rep and deal. With Accord, you can achieve execution excellence via clearly defined deal criteria, mutual action plans, and multi-threading strategies that align directly with your CRM opportunity stages. This results in improved adoption of your processes and methodology, increased win rates, and more consistent performance. Accord helps you set  the standard for how your team approaches deal execution so you can streamline processes and reach revenue targets.

Increase Visibility and Forecast Accuracy

As a CRO or VP of Sales, accurate data isn’t a luxury — it’s essential. Without it, precise forecasting and strategic decision making become impossible. 

Accord provides you with comprehensive visibility into your team’s pipeline through clearly defined deal criteria that syncs seamlessly with your CRM. This ensures that no deals slip through the cracks and that reps input objective, consistent information, allowing you to improve your forecast quality. By leveraging our platform, your leadership and team will benefit from consistent data and predictable outcomes.

Boost CS Team Efficiency and Customer Success

The transition from sales to customer success is a critical touchpoint in your customer journey. With Accord, your CS teams benefit from a consistent, streamlined onboarding process, ensuring efficient handoffs between sales and customer success. This translates to accelerated time-to-live, increased net revenue retention (NRR) and activation rates, and ultimately, happier customers. By aligning your GTM standards across departments, you guarantee a unified experience for customers, no matter the stage in the journey.

Maximize the Impact of Your Resources with Resource Click Tracking

Winning deals often hinges on providing the right content and information at the right time. Our Resource Click Tracking feature ensures every piece of collateral shared through Accord drives impact by automatically appending UTM parameters to all resources, links, blog posts, and case studies. Each click is directly tied back to your opportunities in Salesforce or HubSpot, giving you a crystal-clear view of the resources influencing your pipeline. You'll gain actionable insights into the most impactful resources for each deal stage, helping you refine your content strategy to maximize conversions and win rates.

Create a Single Source of Truth for Execution Excellence

Achieving consistent execution excellence is about setting standards and creating accountability. With Accord, you’re not just adopting a platform; you’re aligning your entire GTM team around a unified strategy and single source of truth. By enforcing your standards for sales, onboarding, and customer success, you’ll improve team performance and create a predictable, repeatable path to success.

Let Accord empower your team with the rigor, visibility, and alignment needed to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive market.