Introducing Rich Embedded Content in Accord

Embed content directly into your Mutual Action Plans to enrich your Executive Summaries & Steps!

If you have a long or complex sales process, you need to make it as easy as possible for your buyers to buy and enable them to sell internally. A great way to do that is removing friction from the process wherever you can and making all your shared resources easy to access.

Today we’re launching a new feature that allows buyers and sellers to embed rich media directly into Accord. Leveraging the power of Google Slides, YouTube, Loom and more, you’ll be able to add rich media content to collaborate in Executive Summaries and Steps.

Use your existing marketing and sales assets to help buyers through their journey or onboard your customers faster!

Accord supports embeddable content from the following partners:

Embedded Content is now live in Accord. Try it for yourself in your existing workspace or start your free trial today.