Salesforce and HubSpot CRM Contact Sync with Accord

CRM Contact Sync ensures any stakeholder invited to Accord is automatically added to your CRM to ensure every key decision-maker is accounted for.

Salesforce and HubSpot Contact Sync

As a CRO or VP of Sales, you know that standards drive performance. Every deal, every rep, and every customer interaction must reflect your team’s commitment to impeccable sales practices. But how do you consistently enforce these standards across your entire revenue team?

We built Accord to help you enforce execution excellence and provide consistency, predictability, and repeatability across your entire sales process.

These principles can be broken down into 3 pillars: 

Pillar One: Enterprise-Level Execution

Execution excellence requires disciplined adherence and adoption to your processes and methodology. Our platform drives this discipline by ensuring every rep rigorously follows your standards, from qualifying to closing and beyond. With Accord, you’ll see win rates rise, performance stabilize, and predictability improve as each deal progresses through clearly defined stages.

Pillar Two: Enhanced Pipeline Visibility

We know that slipped deals and incomplete pipeline data can wreak havoc on your forecasts. Accord’s defined deal criteria syncs directly with your CRM opportunity stages, allowing you to confidently assess each deal’s status. Say goodbye to the guesswork and gut feelings and hello to reliable forecasting backed by objective data.

Pillar Three: Efficient Customer Success

Revenue doesn’t stop at closing the deal — it’s a long-term relationship. That’s why our platform streamlines the handoff between sales and customer success, standardizing onboarding and ensuring smooth transitions. Accelerate time-to-live, boost Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and activation rates, and cultivate happier customers with an onboarding process that fosters a positive start.

CRM Contact Sync: Strengthen Relationships, Improve Engagement

The ability to identify and connect with every stakeholder involved in a deal is crucial for enterprise sales. With our CRM Contact Sync feature, any stakeholder invited to Accord is automatically added to your CRM. This keeps your pipeline fully mapped and every key decision-maker accounted for.

Benefits of the Accord-CRM Integration Include:

  • Stronger Relationships: Build better relationships by understanding your customer’s organizational structure and preferences.
  • Better Engagement: Enhance account-based marketing efforts with improved data on past and current stakeholders.
  • More Accurate Stakeholder Mapping: Gain a clearer view of the decision-making process with accurate stakeholder mapping.
  • Key Decision Maker Tracking: Never lose sight of a crucial contact. Track every key decision-maker for future deals and engagements.

We understand that your team's success depends on consistent execution of your proven methodology and process. Our deal execution platform enforces your standards and ensures that each rep and customer success team member follows your playbook. We offer a single source of truth for sales, onboarding, and CS teams to ensure your entire GTM strategy is consistently implemented.

Execution excellence is within reach. Build a more reliable sales engine where standards are not just set but adhered to. Create sustainable growth and lasting customer satisfaction with Accord.