What's New in Accord: Multi-thread, Account Plan, Easily Map Stakeholders, and more!

August 2023 Product Updates

Here’s our latest batch of product updates to help you drive consistent deal execution and build stronger customer partnerships!

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Multi-thread and Stakeholder Mapping Directly in Accord

Add roles to any customer to help understand who is involved in your partnership, where they fit in the organziation, and how to tailor communication. Also, check out our Stakeholder Mapping Template for more!

Focus on What's Next

Quickly hide completed Stages and Steps to keep your customers focused on the next step.

Repeatable Internal Execution

Add Internal only sections to your Summary to drive your team's repeatable process

Salesforce and HubSpot Integration Improvements

Even more rules and event based triggers to automatically create Accords from Opportunities and Deals. Contact us at support@inaccord.com to customize your workspace today.

  • Shared workspace-wide connection credentials to Salesforce and HubSpot when that special ops@example.com is required.
  • Quickly navigate directly to Salesforce Opportunity or HubSpot Deal directly from My Accords
  • Customer engagement and health scores can be pushed in multiple formats

🏎️ Faster Load Times

We've greatly decreased our app load time in our forever quest for speed! Get to your Accord's faster now with our latest updates.

Fresh Coat of Paint on Next Steps

A refreshed Next Steps tab means you can fit more steps on a single screen and quickly find the steps you're looking for.

Coming Soon

... and of course, we're hard at work on new features that we're excited to announce soon! Stay tuned!

Accord users: Have questions about these updates? Reach out to support@inaccord.com or check out our knowledge base.

Not a user yet? If you'd like to explore your own Accord workspace, book a demo with our team today!