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what is a mutual action plan

5 Things I Learned Planning Our First In-Person Offsite For a Remote Company

As a remote first company we've built systems to work online and use oodles of apps that try to synthesize personal connections. But at the end of the day there's no full replacement for being in-person when it comes to team bonding.

what is a mutual action plan

How we launched, failed… and still hit our goals!

Last week we bet our entire quarter on a Product Hunt launch. We missed, coming in at #6. But we knocked our lead goals out of the park! Read on to learn from our mistakes – and how doing things the right way paid off in the end.

what is a mutual action plan

How to Build and Document a Repeatable Sales Process (10 Tips)

4 sales leaders explain how they successfully built and scaled their sales process at multiple B2B early-stage startups.