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Win more deals with Mutual Action Plans

Ensure deals close on time by aligning with your buyer on expectations and next steps, getting buy-in on the entire buying journey
Screenshot of Accord platform going through a mutual action plan with multiple people clicking
Accord mutual action plan with multiple cursors collaborating in a shared workspace
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Create a Path to Buy

Build a business case

Focus on Your Buyer’s Outcomes

Deals are lost when you don’t craft a story around how your product solves your buyer’s problems. Align on objectives to empower your champion to sell your solution internally.
project timeline widget example
project timeline widget example
Control timelines

Collaborate on Your Workback Plan

Prevent stalled deals. Establish a shared timeline with buyers. Assign dates to each task in your workback plan to get the deal done on time.
Manage stakeholders

Align the Entire Buying Team

Bigger buying teams means more requirements. Get everyone on the same page with shared resources, timelines, and outcomes. Identify stakeholders and keep them accountable by assigning owners to steps.
project timeline widget example
Photo of Aaron Cramer. Account Executive at Figma.

"We found that buyers liked Accord best - they actually engaged with it and proactively moved the plan forward. Sheets and email just didn’t feel buyer centric and we didn't get the same level of engagement."

Aaron Cramer
Senior Enterprise AE, Figma

“Enterprise deals are complex, there are a lot of moving parts and stakeholders. Accord enables me to create a mutual action plan to stay aligned with my buyers and  hold them accountable with next steps they have agreed upon. ”

Eric Smith
RVP, Sales; Zerigo Health

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