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Hey there 👋

The best way to learn what your customers need?

Just ASK them. 🤯

So I’m taking my own advice today, and asking for your help (+ there’s something in it for you!)

Our masterclass on Increasing Deal Size & Moving Up-Market is around the corner (more on that below) – but we’re cooking up many more. 🧑‍🍳

So, revenue leaders: What’s top of mind for you?!

*We host these sessions to make them as valuable & actionable as possible.

Which sales / revenue topic are you most interested in learning about?

Hit reply to send your vote – everyone who responds will be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card! 🕺

A) Enforcing sales methodologies

B) Customer journey alignment

C) Up-leveling deal execution

D) Driving accurate forecasting

E) Other (send me your ideas!)

- Ross

In this newsletter:

🎓 Masterclass with top Sales, CS, & RevOps leaders

🌎 More upcoming revenue events (IRL and virtual)

🔍 How Case IQ improved their sales playbook & deal execution

🎓 Masterclass: 3 Proven Strategies to Increase Deal Size

Masterclass: 3 Proven Strategies for Increasing Deal Size in a Tough Market

There’s a shared push across GTM teams today (yours may be one of them):

Move. Up. Market.

Which makes total sense... most pipelines are shrinking, but revenue targets aren’t.

So the obvious solution is to make the most of each opportunity (AKA, increase your ACV. 📈)

Like most big changes, it’s not easy to actually do this… and fast. To consistently win bigger deals, you need an intentional shift & alignment on strategy across the ENTIRE revenue team (not just sales).

The sales team are key players of course. But with CS and RevOps joining forces to help align the entire customer journey – the push up-market becomes MUCH easier.

I’m stoked to talk to 3 of the best revenue leaders I know about all this in a masterclass next Friday: 3 Proven Strategies to Increase Deal Size!


  • Anne Pao – experienced, talented RevOps & GTM consultant ✨
  • Kyle Norton - proven sales leader & advisor to SaaS GTM teams 🙌
  • Brad Rosen - a triple threat in Sales, CS & RevOps 💪

Sign up here to get their proven strategies for increasing deal size & moving up-market, and ask questions about how to drive up ACV on your team!

(PS – would love to see you live on Friday, May 19 at 1pm ET, but we’ll share the recording if you can’t make it.)

🌎 Sales & Revenue Events (IRL and Virtual)

Summer is almost here and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to start emerging from my home/office and get back on the road. ✈️

Here’s a few upcoming events (1 virtual and 2 in person) that I’m excited about. Maybe I’ll see you there?

🏙️ 5/16 – Sales Assembly’s REMIX in Chicago

Registration is closed now, but if you’re planning on being there, I’d love to meet up! If not, recommend checking out Sales Assembly’s other resources & events for the community.

📞 5/17 – Discovery Tape Teardown with 30 Minutes to President’s Club

Watch 30MPC’s Nick Cegelski and Gong’s Sarah Brazier break down a real discovery call live in this webinar! Always entertaining and actionable.

🌉 5/23 - 5/24 – Ascent Summit in San Francisco

Excited for an action-packed couple days at this conference, diving into topics across the GTM spectrum and connecting w/ top revenue leaders. Anyone else going?

🔍 How Case IQ Decreases Ramp Time & Improves Deal Execution

Quote from David McMurchy, Sales Director at Case IQ

((After Case IQ hired a layer of management to help improve processes and alignment, new Sales Director David McMurchy faced 2 key challenges:

  • Established reps had knowledge of a proven sales process, but perfect deal execution didn’t occur every time
  • New reps & management didn’t have a step-by-step playbook for progressing each stage of the sale

As a result, Case IQ’s sales team wasn’t following a shared process, and leaders struggled with gaining visibility into deals, coaching effectively, and maximizing deal velocity.

So they turned to Accord. By leveraging the platform to map & enforce a repeatable sales process across the entire team, Case IQ was able to:

🔁 Drive consistency & efficiency with a shared playbook

🎯 Up-level deal execution (business cases, MAPs, multi-threading)

📉 Decrease rep ramp time & increase visibility into each deal

Check out the case study for a deeper dive into Case IQ’s process!

Thanks for reading From Vendorship → Partnership 👋

Ross Rich (CEO and Co-founder)

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