Introducing Accord’s Health Score: Buyer Engagement Levels at a Glance

What if there was a way to gauge your buyers’ interest in the blink of an eye? 

The keys to a successful buying and onboarding journey are aligning and engaging with your customers. But the problem with looking at opportunities in your CRM is that they all look the same. How engaged is your buyer in the process? How multi-threaded is the deal? It’s hard to tell at a glance which deals are in good shape.

Today we’re introducing Accord’s Health Score, an unprecedented real-time insight into your buyers’ engagement levels.

Now you can use the dimension of customer engagement to understand which opportunities are healthy and which need some love.

For each Accord, you will now see a Health Score in your overall “My Accords” view and in the Engagement tab of each Accord.

We use a variety of signals from your workspace and across our platform to help you understand just how engaged your customers are. The score is updated in real-time and we are continuously improving the variety of signals and algorithms that power this insight.

Coming soon: you’ll also be able to push this data to your CRM for better reporting and lead scoring!

Accord’s customer collaboration platform helps you align on objectives and timelines in a shared, collaborative workspace. If you want to align with your buyers and understand how engaged they truly are, sign up for a free Accord workspace today.