Introducing Recommended Timelines

Build suggested timelines into your sales and onboarding Playbooks.

As a career salesperson turned co-founder, the most rewarding part of my job is being on the other side of the table as a buyer. After going through dozens of buying experiences, I can say the best ones are buying from someone who can show me a clear path to success through working together.

Demonstrating that clear path for your customers is crucial. If you can’t illustrate how your buyers will achieve their objectives by working with you, you will be out-sold by another solution or project that’s less risky.

That’s why I’m excited to announce Accord's new feature: Recommended Timelines.

Easily recommend timelines for playbooks

With Recommended Timelines, you can build suggested timelines into your sales and onboarding Playbooks. This can be the go live date, implementation date, or launch date.

Why does this matter? Let’s dive into how Recommended Timelines helps sellers.

Recommend a path forward

Your buyer already has a full time job – and it’s not buying and implementing your solution.

Make it easy for them by recommending a path forward and setting the appropriate expectation of how long each step will take. 

Focus on an outcome & create urgency

Your buyer needs a solution implemented by a certain date, or at least in a general timeframe.

Add a milestone date, and the work backwards plan will automatically be filled in. This focuses the conversation on business outcomes and creates a timeline for both parties to stick to.

Create repeatability to save time

You have a general idea of how long your process will take. Recommended Timelines allows you to create a repeatable and consistent timeline with all of your prospects.

Looking to build repeatable, timely playbooks for your sales or onboarding process? Schedule a demo today!