Launching the Accord Playbook Gallery: Playbooks from Top Startups

Since launching Accord last year, we’ve learned a LOT about what founders and GTM teams need to quickly win and successfully onboard customers.

We heard from founders: "I'm not a sales / onboarding expert. How do I build a repeatable, collaborative experience for my customers and hit scaling revenue goals?"

And from startup sales leaders: "I need everyone on my team selling like our best rep. How do I align them around a process and drive consistency?”

"I don’t want to start from scratch. How are others doing this?"

As someone who has been consistently supported by an incredible community, I’m excited to help answer these questions and contribute in what I hope is a super impactful way.

Playbook Gallery Launch

Just over two weeks ago, we launched a gallery of proven sales & onboarding playbooks curated from the world's top startups and sales/success leaders (Figma, Productboard, YC startups, etc)!

The Accord team and our customers and partners who shared their playbooks put a LOT of work into this, and I’m so proud of what we’ve created together.

We launched the playbook gallery March 2 on Product Hunt, and reached the #2 spot by the end of the day 🥳 But even better has been the overwhelming response from our followers, friends, and the market in general. To share a few comments:

“Love the idea of templated mutual action plans - will save me tons of time onboarding our early customers.”
“Giving users a product playbook to get started is better for everyone – the user, sales, the support team trying to help. LOVE this concept.”
“Startups often struggle to develop a repeatable sales process until very late in their history, which is a huge detriment to their potential. But Accord now gives teams both the tools to drive consistency in their process and marries that with proven playbooks from the very best sales teams in the ecosystem. This is a huge win for the future of startup sales!”

I’d like to send a HUGE thank you to all the incredible founders and sales & success leaders who invested their valuable time into crafting these playbooks and sharing their hard-earned insights with the community:

  • Aaron Cramer, Enterprise AE at Figma
  • Conor Dragomanovich, Director of Commercial Sales at Productboard
  • Sean Cardenas, Sr. Sales Strategy Advisor & AE Team Lead at Atrium
  • Jake Dunlap, CEO at Skaled Consulting
  • Alexa Grabell, CEO at Pocus
  • Josh Weisman, Head of Sales at Northstar
  • Lance Gonzalez, Head of Strategic Accounts at Pilot
  • Enrique Esclusa, Co-Founder at Assemble
  • Robert Udnesseter, Head of Sales at Two
  • Tyler Chapman, Customer Success Lead at TruePlan
  • Nick King, Enterprise AE at New Relic
  • Zack Manning, VP of Sales at FISPAN
  • Carol Malakasis, Managing Partner at Rampd
  • Kevin Buffitt, Sr. Manager - Publisher Integrations at STN Video
  • Randy Frank, Co-Founder at Navattic

And of course to our very own Tariq Esmail, Jake Gingerich, and Dave Le Corre, sales & CX extraordinaires at Accord 😉

Whether you’re looking for customer onboarding guides, mutual action plans, or rep training checklists, the playbook gallery has something for you. You can now access all of these insights and winning processes, distilled into easy-to-use playbooks, for free in an Accord workspace.

(Keep checking back – we’re continuing to add new playbooks!)

🎯 Multiple use cases: Mutual Success Plans, Implementation/Onboarding Guides, Trials & POCs, AE/CSM Onboarding Playbooks, etc.

🚀 For a variety of companies: different stages (Seed through Series E), segments (Velocity/SMB through Enterprise), and products (SaaS, APIs, Infrastructure, etc)

👯 Free to replicate & customize: playbooks that outline exactly how sales & CS leaders have built repeatable, buyer-first sales & onboarding processes

Our mission at Accord is to move B2B sales from vendorship → partnership, and help sales & success teams improve the customer experience by building buyer-first processes. I hope these playbooks can be a helpful resource for the startup community.

Please feel free to share your feedback on the gallery, and if you have a playbook you’d like to contribute, send me a note!