Sales Process Template For Early Stage B2B SaaS Companies

After talking to 100s of sales leaders we've created a best practice template that you can use to build your own repeatable sales process.
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The Holy Grail of sales is repeatability and predictability. Without a repeatable sales process, you end up with 10 reps doing 10 different things. Without a proven sales process, it’s impossible to pinpoint where deals are breaking down—and even harder to get everyone on your sales team aligned and working in sync.

Sales orgs struggle to create a repeatable sales process because there’s never been a standardized way to map it out.

  • Should you use a Google Sheet?
  • A mind mapping tool?
  • A customer collaboration platform?
  • The back of a napkin? (But seriously, that’s better than nothing.)

And what exactly does a strong sales process look like anyway? Should you map out every step down to the follow-up email after a discovery call? Where should the criteria of a successful POC live? 
Life as a sales leader would be a whole lot easier if there was a golden rule for how to build and document an effective sales process. But there is no ultimate golden rule. Because ...

Every company’s sales motion is different.

If you’re a sales leader at an early-stage SaaS company, you might be creating your sales process for the first time. Or maybe you’re finally getting it out of your head and onto paper. Either way, you could use some guidance.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” decree for how to map out your sales process. But there are best practices you can use as a baseline when mapping out your repeatable sales process. 

This free template details those best practices. 👇

Repeatable Sales Process Template for B2B SaaS Sales
Overview and summary of a repeatable sales process

This template is for B2B SaaS sales teams. View it as a starting point for building a repeatable sales process—or for evaluating your existing sales process against. The discussion that this exercise will prompt with your GTM team will be well worth the time.

Customize this sales process template to fit your sales motion. 

The template is editable so that you can customize it to meet your own unique needs. After you’ve customized the template, share it with your team so everyone’s on the same page. Continue to modify your sales process over time as you learn.

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