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T-6 days left in the month (/quarter/year for those like myself wrapping up the fiscal!) 🤯

Spending the last couple weeks on the west coast hanging with customers… and strategically escaping the cold snap in Toronto. If you get a chance next time you’re in SF, highly recommend checking out Muir Beach. 

I’m sorry self-serve lovers out there, but nothing beats getting onsite with partners and IRL interactions. 

As most revenue leaders I meet with continue to find ways to raise the bar going into 2024, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to embrace these market changes and ensure you’re holding yourself accountable to the standards you’re setting. 

These will look different for every business, but a common thread I’m seeing is nailing the fundamentals, bringing a more narrow focus to GTM / product, and overall getting back to basics! This includes building strong in-person connections (for internal culture and external relationships), exec alignment, direct finance buy-in, and an obsessive laser on execution excellence. 

This is the perfect time of year to set clear expectations with your team on what great looks like, how you’re going to win, and how important accountability is in this environment. 

Sending positive energy out there for those closing their years off strong 💪🏼

- Ross

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What’s New in Accord

We continue to take action from the valuable feedback we receive from our customers and Accordions (Accord’s staff). 

In the latest release of Accord, we introduced step tasks, internal discussions, and threading. Check out the full release notes here

Introducing step tasks in Accord

We are excited to announce the latest feature in Accord - step tasks. This powerful addition transforms the way you and your customers navigate through complex sales processes, onboarding, and implementation. With step tasks, each step in your Accord becomes more manageable and transparent, ensuring every stakeholder is aligned.

Recommended Use - For complex steps within your Accords, leverage the power of tasks to deconstruct them into simple, actionable items. This method not only enhances understanding but also streamlines execution, which leads to closing deals faster and shortened onboarding time.

Internal Discussions and Threading

We are excited to announce two new enhancements to steps in Accord - designed to streamline your team's communication and collaboration.

Internal Discussions - Each step now includes an internal discussion section. Distinct from standard comments, this space is only visible to you and your internal team members. It is a private and secure environment for internal communication.

Recommended Use - Ideal for increasing coordination and alignment among internal stakeholders. Use this feature to discuss account strategies, troubleshoot issues, or share internal updates, ensuring your team stays informed. 

Threading - We’re also introducing threading to both comments and internal discussions. This feature allows direct replies  to specific comments, making discussions more organized and easier to follow.

Recommended Use - Leverage threading to maintain clarity in discussions, especially when multiple topics are being discussed concurrently. It’s a powerful tool to keep your conversations organized and focused.

Account Planning Masterclass 

Back by popular demand - Our February Masterclass is all about Account Planning. 

Account planning is a topic that is top of mind for most revenue leaders, because in 2024 it’s not enough to just show up on calls, go through the motions, and expect to win. Rigorous planning on every account is the key to tilting the odds in your favor.

Join Jake Kanter (RVP of Strategic Accounts at Twilio), Ryan Sydor (Area VP at Okta), and Grayson Kimmel (Regional Director at SailPoint) as we dive into why account plans are a necessary part of account planning, how to do the right research on your target accounts, and what your account plans should look like.

Register for the February 7th event here. Can’t make it live? I will share the recording. 

10/10 GTM Podcast - Latest Episodes

Have had some amazing conversations with top revenue leaders over the past few months. Our latest guests on the 10/10 GTM Podcast shared solid insights on operationalizing deal excellence, and creating effective incentive structures! 

Episode 17 - Operationalizing Deal Excellence with Nicole Brambila, CRO @ Medely 

In this episode, I talk to Nicole about how to operationalize deal excellence by being curious, intuitive, and following a proven process.

Episode 16 - Creating Effective Incentive Structures and Driving Revenue Growth with Dustin Deno, CRO at Affinity

In this episode, Dustin and I discuss how to align incentive structures with business objectives that drive predictable, responsible, sustainable growth.

Make sure you subscribe to 10/10 GTM wherever you get your podcasts. We have some fire guests over the next month!